Bloom Reviews is a blog specifically dedicated to discussing manga, anime, and comics that fall into the romance genre. Romance has always been a somewhat guilty pleasure for me, but now I’m not afraid to admit that I find immense enjoyment in these stories, many of which delve into deeper issues. My long background in research and academic writing has made me think critically about the stories I read now, and a lot of my blog posts reflect this fact. I hope to maybe show you that the romance genre isn’t all about the busty women and well-toned men you see on Harlequin novels.

When it comes to comics and visual story-telling in particular, there is a lot to be gained from developing an appreciation for this medium. Not only does a mangaka and comic creator need to think about the story in general but also the best way to display their ideas in a limited amount of space. Some of the best examples of this are ones that utilize the least amount of dialogue but still manage to get their meaning across exceptionally well.

This blog looks to pick out the best and sometimes worst manga, comics, and anime to review, taking a critical look at the deeper themes and mechanics that run throughout. I also don’t shy away from yaoi, yuri, BL, etc, as romance can come in many different forms. So feel free to peruse my archives for anything that catches your fancy, and be sure to like, follow, and leave me comments on anything you found especially interesting!

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But above all else, enjoy yourself!

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