Yellow Peril Webcomic Review

Jamie Noguchi has to be one of my favorite webcomic artists, up there wit Yuko Ota of Johnny Wander who I’ve talked about multiple times already. Noguchi has been involved in a lot of great projects, in and out of comics: the Super Art Fight Show, the Fucking Do It support network, and a ton of other art stuff. Chief among them for me is his work on the webcomic Yellow Peril, which he markets as an Asian American Office Romance Comedy. All of those words fit the series perfectly, and Noguchi shows his art and storytelling skills in interesting ways that really add to both the appearance and flow of the comic. If you haven’t already checked out my Top 5 Romance Comics list, you should do so, as Yellow Peril appears as the only honorable mention (which is basically number 6). It earned this spot for some very good reasons that I’ll be getting into more below, but to even make it onto that list, a comic has to combine creativity and storytelling to make something truly unique.
Yellow Peril is a webcomic that typically has around 4 to 5 panels, but has been known to feature more depending on the plot line and art style used. The story itself follows three co-workers who all work at the same design company, Penticorp, and are generally dissatisfied with their jobs. When the opportunity presents itself for them to form their own small design company, they quit their jobs and strike out on their own. The webcomic continues to show their struggles with work and romance as well as their love for good food, kung fu, and spontaneous dance-offs.

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Summer 2017 Anime First Impressions

So far Summer 2017 has had some great romances and some pretty trash ones. Below are the shows from this season that I think you should both watch and avoid for various reasons. I’ve included series that you can find on Crunchyroll and Anime Strike if you have those services. If there’s anything I missed that may not be on either of those, let me know! Also let me know in the comments below what you thought about any of these. If you’d like to talk about non-romance anime I’m watching this season, you can head over to my Facebook page and drop a message there. Without further ado, here are the new romance animes of the Summer 2017 season.

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A Silent Voice Anime Film Review

I’ve been meaning to check out A Silent Voice ever since I heard it was coming to the States this year. It looked like it could be a fantastic movie that could rival Your Name for the top spot in the box office, and it wound up being that both of those things came true. A Silent Voice hit theaters in Japan in September of 2016 to a very positive reception, and hit number two in the box office, right behind Your Name. By the end of 2016, it became the 10th highest grossing Japanese film of the year, with Makoto Shinkai — Director of Your Namecalling it a “fantastic piece of work.” However, what drew me to this movie was the concept, the story of a former bully and the young deaf girl he used to bully coming to forgive each other, both seeking redemption for how they’ve changed each other’s lives. And, after I learned that the director of this movie is none other than Naoko Yamada, Director of K-ON, a lot of aspects of this movie fell into place.
Shoya Ishida walks along a bridge as he contemplates suicide, flashing back to the time he was in elementary school. His teacher had just introduced a new student to the class, Shoko Nishimiya, who they found out soon after is deaf. And so the bullying started, led my Shoya and helped along by the general willingness of the rest of the class to ignore them. But after Shoko’s mother finds that all her hearing aids have gone missing, Shoya and his mother are made to pay nearly 1,700,000 Yen to replace them. From then on, his class turns against him and he’s left by himself to wallow in regret and anxiety all the way into High school. But when Shoya works up the nerve to return Shoko’s lost notebook to her in an effort of redemption, he comes to find out that all she wants is to put the past behind her.

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Top 5 Romance Anime

There were a lot of anime that were considered for this list and, in the end, didn’t make it on. In the process of choosing my top five romance anime, I looked for series that I’ve found myself going back to and those that have done something unique with their stories. I ultimately decided not to include OVA’s, movies, or feature films if only to make sure this list wasn’t full of Ghibli movies. I have enough reviews covering my opinions of most of his movies already. Below are five series and two honorable mentions that I thought encapsulated all of the different facets of a good romance anime. Whether it be great characters, an interesting setting, the ability to parody shoujo anime to perfection, great animation, or a combination of all of these, a series has to be more than just great romance to make it onto this list. I hope you enjoy this last top 5 list and I encourage you to check out the other three that I’ve posted this week. So starting at number one, here are my top five romance anime. Continue reading

A New Cardcaptor Sakura Means Some Changes for Better or Worse

Cardcaptors has been a series that I have returned to again and again, whether it was trying to learn to read Japanese through its original manga or watching and rewatching the 70 episode anime and two movies. Now, after almost 17 years, CLAMP is bringing back one of their most popular and beloved IPs for a new — and old — generation of readers. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Clear Card Arc is both a continuation and a modern retelling of the original story. I say modern retelling in the sense that the content and world are updated to match our current culture and technology while also following the same storytelling formula of the previous series. As someone who is an avid fan of the series, I have both reservations and hope that CLAMP will be able to make good on their past success with both the new manga and the anime coming out in January.

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Top 5 Romance Comics

Western comics are an area where I admit I don’t have enough experience or knowledge of, something that I have been actively trying to remedy through research and reading as much as I can. However, I also know that I have almost no interest in trying to delve into the world that is Marvel or DC. I’ve tried once before with Deadpool and Wolverine, but didn’t get too far considering the amount of history and crossovers there is to follow. So, in this list, I’ve added comics from independent publishers, graphic novels, and even webcomic artist. Some of these have full reviews themselves, and I encourage you to check those out, and if you think something deserves a chance to make it onto this list, let me know in the comments below. Now, starting with number one, here are my top picks for best romance comics plus one honorable mention. Continue reading

Top 5 Yaoi Anime and Manga

Yaoi anime and manga are not for everyone, but I think it’s important to examine all kinds of love stories when searching for the best romances. However, it can be hard to weed through the smut and less serious works to find the stories that really have something great to tell. Below are my top five picks for best yaoi anime and manga, starting at number one. I will admit that this specific area is one that I need to experience more, so in the next couple years this list will most likely be changing. But so far, the series below are ones that I find myself coming back to or have displayed a unique art or story that has managed to stick in my memory. Before we get into it, I want to preface this review by saying that I will not be making a top five yuri list, more for the fact that I have not found many I like than an overall dislike of the series. This is also something that will change in the future. But enough of that, almost all of the series below have full reviews of their own, so be sure to visit those if you find a series interesting. Continue reading

Tsuki Ga Kirei Anime Review

Tsuki Ga Kirei was one of those shows that I needed to try watching twice before I actually finished it. This anime has quite a few problems, but is held together by the relative strength of the story behind it. I definitely don’t think this will be a series I ever rewatch again. However, I won’t deny the fact that there were a few scenes that did move me through the course of the series. As part of Crunchyroll’s Spring 2017 anime season, I’ve seen some praise from reviewers for this series, while ignoring some of the glaring flaws that almost made me completely dismiss it. A lot of these might have to do with the relative inexperience of Studio Feel who were in charge of its production.
The story of Tsuki Ga Kirei follows the growing relationship between Mizuki and Azumi who are students in the same middle school class. Mizuki has a passion for track, finding joy from running. Meanwhile, Azumi aspires to be a writer, joins the literature club, and participates in the town’s cultural festivities. When the sports festival comes around, Mizuki and Azumi are put on equipment duty together, allowing them a chance to get to know each other better. Through the messaging app LINE, they become closer and eventually start dating to the surprise of many of their friends.

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Top 5 Romance Manga

I’ve been mentioning here and there in reviews the manga’s that may have wormed their way into my top 5 favorites. For this special week, I’d like to present to you all one of four lists I’ll be creating: my top five romance mangas. To be able to make it onto this list a manga must possess: complex characters, multifaceted stories, and strong art. Each of these things is important to — at least my — overall enjoyment of a series. Listed below are five mangas — starting with number one — plus two honorable mentions that have captured my attention over the many years I’ve been reading manga and my past year of critically reviewing them. Each of these are my own personal favorites and many have full reviews of their own which I encourage you to read. If you have any other manga’s you think should have a shot at this list, feel free to let me know, and maybe these will get updated every few years. Continue reading

[Blog Update/ New Banner!] Reflections on One Year of Reviewing Anime, Manga, and Comics

Most Viewed Review: Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Most Liked Review: Howl’s Moving Castle
Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog’s creation. One year of researching, reviewing, and writing about anime, manga, and comics. Looking back at those first few posts, it was definitely a rocky start to finding how I wanted this blog to be, and I’m still thinking about all the changes I could make to my writing style to really say everything I want to say. This blog and the couple articles I wrote for Girls Like Comics have all been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I continue to learn every day I write for you guys. So thank you, to those of you who stuck around and have liked my posts and followed this blog. I really appreciate you guys being here and at least letting me know that the things I write are actually reaching people.

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