Kamisama Kiss: Season 2 Anime Review


Kamisama Kiss continues with Nanami’s story as she settles more into her role as land god of Mikage Shrine. The previous season followed her as she was abandoned by her father and kicked out of her home to wander the streets looking for a place to stay. After saving a mysterious man from a dog, she was gifted with the powers and responsibilities of a god. Now Nanami has to toe the line between human and god as spirits, youkai, and other gods come to her with their troubles and wishes. In this season, with the help of her fox-youkai familiar Tomoe, Nanami travels to distant places to meet with gods, save a man from the netherworld, and help a community of Tengu. But will her growing feelings for Tomoe start to get in the way?

If you haven’t already read my review for season one, go here before continuing.

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Love Stage!! Anime Review


Izumi comes from a long line of entertainers, and his parents would love nothing more than to see him get into show biz. The problem? He’s a closeted otaku who’s only interested in making a name for himself as a manga artist while at the same time being terrible at drawing. His lack of interest in entertainment can be traced back to his childhood when he was forced to crossdress in a commercial and thoroughly embarrassed himself. But when he is forced to star in the 10th anniversary edition of the commercial that scarred him, he will have to come face-to-face with potential embarrassment once again. To make matters worse, his childhood costar Ryouma – who has become one of the most popular television stars in all of Japan – still believes he is a girl and confesses his love for him. Now Ryouma and Izumi will have to decide if being a man really matters to either of them when it comes to love.

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I Am Here Manga Review


Sumino is invisible. No one notices her at school, her classmates always leave her out of their groups, and her teachers barely notice when she’s gone. But on her blog she has friends who love looking at her pictures and provide advice for her everyday troubles. When one of the most popular boys in school finally notices her and admits he’s been watching her all along, Sumino must decide if she has the will to step out from the shadows and join her classmates in the light.

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Snow White with the Red Hair: Season 2 Anime Review


Season two of Snow White with the Red Hair continues the story of Shirayuki as she works towards becoming a court herbalist in her new home of Wisteria. After running away from her homeland of Tanbarun when Prince Raj tried to force her to be a concubine because of her red hair, she meets the Second Prince of Wisteria Zen and settles in his neighboring country. Using her knowledge of herbs and her starkly honest personality, Shirayuki begins forming bonds with the people around her including the young mentor Ryu and the mysterious rogue-turned-bodyguard Obi. But her relationship with Zen keeps growing even as new challenges arise in this season.

If you haven’t read my review of season one, read it here before you continue on.

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The Other Side: A Paranormal Romance Anthology Review


The Other Side is a queer paranormal romance anthology largely funded by Kickstarter that debuted in Spring 2016. I first came across it when I attended a small indie comic expo in Boston where a lot of the contributing authors were attending. I was originally looking for pretty much anything in the romance genre that I could review, but The Other Side is unique like most anthologies in that it features a variety of authors and styles I can talk about. It features 19 stories from 23 different authors focusing on queer romance in a paranormal setting, so anything from the love between human and ghost or human and monster, though the stories don’t stop there. With primarily PG-13 content, this anthology looks to showcase underrepresented groups such as gay/lesbian, transsexual, and everything in between.

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