**Style Change Incoming**

Hi guys! I appreciate everyone sticking around and enjoying my reviews as I play around with different styles and such. I’m realizing that episodic reviews may not be the way to go, so I’m going to be switching over to one review per season or series depending on how many episodes or volumes there are. There are so many great shows I want to cover and episodic reviewing, while it allows me to cover the specific points in more detail, can mean I don’t have the time discuss other interesting shows.

So, what this means for the shows currently being reviewed is that they will be rewritten as one review, sometimes covering points I have already made, but I think this is the best way to go as of now. If there happens to be a specific point I want to cover in more detail later, I may go ahead an make an articles section. If you have any suggestions or have an interesting idea you’d like me to cover, leave it down in the comments below. Thanks for sticking with me! Stay awesome!


Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 4 (Finale)


The finale of Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai played out as I kind of expected. That is: terrible and rushed. This series was by far way too short. I don’t think four volumes is near enough to cover everything the mangaka wanted to put in there. A lot of major plot points are introduced in this volume and then rushed to be wrapped up without any exploration. Just like the previous volumes, Hotaru is back to her old plot delaying antics, naivete, and general jealousy that makes her character so hard to like. Kousuke seems to redeem himself a bit mostly by being one of the only likable characters. Continue reading

Super Lovers: Episodes 5&6


These next two episodes begin introducing the serious and romantic aspects of Haru and Ren’s relationship, changing it from one of almost parental/brotherly love to one with romantic intent. This is at least true on the side of Ren, as we see consistently that he does’t think of himself as Haru’s brother, but Haru’s feelings are a little more complicated and will take some time to deconstruct. I’ll put this out there right now that I disagree with the opinion that their relationship is one of “grooming,” however it can in some ways be dangerous because of their maturity levels or lack of social experience, which I’ll get into more later. Continue reading

Sex Criminals #2: Come, World

27e2e388bf9a865805719824505a118cIssue two of Sex Criminals, aptly named “Come, World,” switches over to the backstory of Jon and how he came to discover his ability. Again we see the inclusion of a frame narrative, where the main plot of the robbery borders the flashbacks and developing story of Jon. The main point of this issue centers around the differences between how boys learn about sex versus how girls do as seen in the last issue. Along the way, we also get to see more characterization of both Jon and Suzie. Continue reading