Super Lovers: Episodes 1&2

super lovers

Starting off as a manga, this Yaoi has quickly topped the charts on many people’s top Boys Love lists, and was picked up for an anime adaption with a second season coming in January 2017. The story centers around two boys who have been forced to become brothers after one of them gets adopted out of the blue. the older brother, Haru, is forced to take care of the younger, Ren, who has become distrusting of people after a troubled past in the orphanage. Haru works to break through Ren’s emotional walls, and their relationship develops from there.

There has been enough discussion around the rightness or wrongness of Ren and Haru’s relationship, and I want to steer away from that for the most part to talk about some other points of this anime that frustrate me. In this review, we’ll take a look at episodes one and two of Super Lovers and discuss key factors such as pacing, plot, and characterization. All of these are essential for an anime to succeed, and I feel like much of the negativity surrounding this anime is not just about the main relationship but also these factors that don’t seem to live up to other animes in the genre.  Continue reading


Hapi Mari (Happy Marriage?!): Volume 1

Happy Marriage is created by Maki Enjoji and was published in 2009 in Japan and was brought over to the US by Viz Media in 2013. It centers around a woman, Chiwa Takanashi, who is forced into an arranged marriage with a man she has never met in order to save her father from his debts. The man, Hokuto Mamiya, happens to be the president of the company she works at, so they must keep their marriage a secret from the rest of the world for the time being. The story mainly focuses on the challenges of living with someone you don’t know, and the problems that come with entering into his high-class family. Continue reading

Summer 2016: First Impressions

Welcome to the Summer 2016 First Impressions! Here I’ll be looking at three anime that fall generally under the romance genre and giving you my opinion on the first episode of each. Today we’ll be looking at Sweetness & Lightning, This Art Club has a Problem, and The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi, all can be found on Crunchyroll. Continue reading